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GAYBC v.3 To Debut Spring 2017


In 1997, John McMullen led a team of talented journalists, commentators and entertainment aficionados in launching the world's first global GLBT broadcasting service. The GAYBC Radio Network (originally called GLOradio) commenced with daily and weekly content from its headquarters in Seattle, Washington.


By 1998, the service had rebranded to GAYBC and was streaming 24/7 live talk shows, music programs, special events coverage and hourly newscasts, setting the standard for excellence in new media serving the community. In 2002, co-founders McMullen and Charlie Dyer joined SIRIUS Satellite Radio and brought aboard a combination of GAYBC  and new personalities to create the first nationwide over-the-air GLBT content channel, Sirius OutQ, which launched in April 2003, and ceased operating in February 2016.


Many people have asked whether such a niche format is viable or even necessary in 2017 when there are so many openly GLBT people across the landscape of broadcast media and entertainment. But, the recent election of a President and his installation of a Cabinet that is filled with people who threaten the significant advancement in civil rights made during the previous eight years of governing, seems to make the need for an outlet like GAYBC more necessary than ever. will introduce new content this Spring. Among those who will be involved in the newest version of this venerable service are GLBT media veterans McMullen and Dyer, along with longtime ABC Radio Network veteran Bob Hardt, Jeremy Hovies and Noelle Guabello, and Sirius OutQ alums John Nash and Tim Bennett. We continue to scout for more talent. If you think you've got what it takes to be part of a new day in GLBT-specific advocacy and entertainment media, send an e-mail today! Know someone that you think should be part of the team? Have a favorite podcast personality that you believe is helping to affect change? Let us know! We're building YOUR trusted source for Real News and Uncensored Opinion.



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