From Our Founder February 1, 2016 Two decades have elapsed since the first digital radio broadcasts for the LGBT community were transmitted globally from Seattle, WA. What started as a 'hobby' at Real Networks in Seattle, flourished into a promising Internet start-up delivering a variety of news, talk and entertainment content updated every day and being heard through streaming media throughout the nation and around the world. A weekly talk show known as Hangin' OUT and a weekday news update known as The Daily Dose would eventually expand into more than a dozen and a half programs on a variety of topics of interest to the community every week. Originally branded as GLOradio, partnered for a year as PlanetOut Radio, and ultimately settling into 24/7 live programming as the GAYBC Radio Network in 1999, it was clear that LGBT radio was here to stay. As the founder of these ventures, I worked with XM Satellite Radio prior to their launch to ultimately put this content in people's cars long before smart phones were invented. That deal ALMOST happened in 2001. When it came to a sudden halt, a new door opened with SIRIUS Satellite Radio in mid-2002, leading us to make a difficult but exciting transition out of the webcasting space and focus exclusively on the launch of a channel on this new technology platform. On April 14, 2003, I flipped the switch and Sirius OutQ was on the air. For the first time, a 24/7 LGBT channel that had reach to people in homes, offices AND vehicles had happened. That station has gone through many transitions over the years. Some exciting, some not so much. But, through this 20 year journey, one thing has never changed: a hunger by people to make connections with programs that speak to the lives of a significant community. In recent years, SiriusXM has reduced the amount of original programming and taken emphasis off of news and current events at OutQ. The time is right for the reintroduction of a digital broadcast outlet that is operated by and features the talents of people who understand how to engage and entertain the LGBT Community. Friends, the best is yet to come! John McMullen

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