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2023: WE HAVE LIFT-OFF! First Full Season of Space Cadets Launches with Spotlight on Adult Content Creators




Johnny Mac introduces you to LGBTQ+ people each week who are frequently talking about all sorts of everyday life topics in Twitter Spaces with a queer theme.


The guests come from all walks of life and have interesting outlooks on living in the virtual world and sharing everyday experiences as well as challenges they face, opportunities they are pursuing, and what makes being a tweeter important to them.

We had such positive response to the Space Cadets concept and pilot programs below in late-2022. As we launch into creating new episodes in 2023, it seemed spot-on to start with something bold and where Twitter Spaces has had a significant impact on its participants from many perspectives. This season, Space Cadets welcomes two adult entertainment personalities to the microphone with a double-shot of conversation. Two Men. Different Motivations. Similar Objectives. And, both are sexy, good-humored, and very well-spoken.


It doesn't make any difference which episode you listen to first. Both have thought-provoking stories and give an insight to how much Spaces plays a role in their new-found vocations getting spicy on camera for hundreds of thousands of followers.


Both also share something else in common. Jordi Massive and Jordan Starr are nominees in multiple categories for the upcoming Grabby Awards, Good luck, gentlemen!


@DaddyJames4Equality was previously featured. If you missed the episode leading up to Veterans Day on our sister site, Radio111, you may listen to it now as part of the new Space Cadets series. James Apedaile is National Vice President of American Veterans for Equal Rights.

@peen4u is an attorney from Upstate New York. A native of California, educated at Harvard and Columbia, and interested in so many things he could fill conversations on Spaces for hours every day without a rerun, Richie (his real name) has experienced a lot, and he's had to tackle some really difficult situations you wouldn't wish on anyone.

Want to be featured? Drop us a line and tell us about yourself! E-mail: SPACECADETS@GAYBC.COM
Historic First National LGBTQ+ Broadcaster Returns With New Podcast Content
We're Back!

In 1996, a group of LGBTQ+ broadcast professionals, digital audio technologists, and community leaders and activists came together to launch the first global LGBTQ weekly audio talkshow and daily newscasts. The first live-streamed broadcast reached a mere seven listeners from Deerfield Beach, Florida to Seattle, Washington. Originated from software start-up RealNetworks studios in downtown Seattle, the audience steadily grew and the shows included live coverage from the Names Project AIDS Memorial Quilt display on the Washington, D.C. Mall, the first Gay Lesbian American Music Awards at Webster Hall in New York City, and the world's first global performance of an LGBTQ+ chorale concert by the Seattle Men's Chorus at Meany Hall on the campus of the University of Washington.


By March 1997, what began as a concept project by co-founder John McMullen had evolved to becoming its own start-up venture and a first-of-its-kind broadcaster with on-demand and live content accessible at no charge to listeners around the planet. Originally dubbed GLOradio, the service was later part of the PlanetOut Network before settling as its own entity, the GAYBC Radio Network.

With operations in Seattle and New York City, GAYBC became a 24/7 news, talk, and entertainment service featuring more than 25 daily and weekly shows and LGBTQ+ news reports every hour.


The company ultimately reached its peak audience of 2.2 million listeners, most of whom were in the U.S. and Canada with about 20% listenership from 54 other countries. When economic circumstances beyond the organization's control hit in late 2001, GAYBC and its sister-station Athena Radio (a similar network for Women) ceased operation by early 2002.


The company's founder was recruited to join Sirius Satellite Radio in New York City and launched the first national over-the-air LGBTQ+ talk and entertainment station on April 14, 2003, Sirius OutQ. After OutQ ceased operation in 2016, there had been no dedicated spoken word broadcaster serving the LGBTQ+ community. A few companies have built hybrid products using primarily HD Radio signals which most people do not have receivers to hear.


The GAYBC founders are back! In the weeks and months to come, you'll see more content appear on this site. To start, we will be launching Space Cadets featuring LGBTQ+ people from the Twitterverse. Thanks for being here!

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